Monday, May 29, 2006

Sutan Iskandar 9 Months Old.

What’s It Like To Be Nine Months Old?

I can move toys and other small things from one hand to the other.
I may begin to pull myself up to stand. But I need something sturdy to hold on to.
I can pick up toys, food and small things using my fingers and thumb.
I usually put a toy or food down by dropping or throwing it.
I have good balance and can sit by myself.
I crawl on my hands and knees. I may try to move up and down stairs.
I like to watch people, animals, things and activities around me.
I want to taste everything I touch.
I practice making noises with my mouth. I try to copy the sounds I hear.
I recognize my family and like being with them.
I am sometimes afraid of strangers. I don’t like being away from my parents.
I like to play peek-a-boo and other games that help me find hidden things.
I like to show that I know how to use everyday items like a cup, a hairbrush and a ball.
I like songs and rhymes and can bounce-dance to music.
I know my name and smile when someone says it.

How your baby's growing: Now that he's discovered how to stand and cruise in the last month or so, your baby will likely take this time to perfect his new skills. He'll sit up more confidently and try to stand without holding onto anything. These brief attempts are a prelude to walking, so watch out.

His language skills are also developing rapidly. He's listening intently and taking in everything he hears. He may even begin to understand simple words and phrases. Encourage him by talking to him as you would any other person. Avoid baby talk, so he'll learn the correct way of pronouncing words. His personality is emerging as well. You'll be able to tell if he'll be Mr. Social or Mr. Sweet and Shy by the way he responds to others.


ila de cute said...

huiyyyooo terror le Isk.... dah pandai bawak kereta...nanti boleh le bawak syahmi, syasya, sofea and yaya jln2 ye...

Mama Mia said...

aisey..mia tak nak bawak skali ker isk.

ila de cute said...

alamak sorry ek mama mia...terlupa plak..ok jom mia join sekali... tapi kena tanya isk dulu lah, dia nak bawak dia nak bwk aweks je...kalau dia nak bawak aweks je, kesian syahmi kena tinggal...

Miss Moon said...

he he mummy dah tanya Isk dia kata buleh no hal pnyer tapi sebab ramai sgt awek kena bwak 2 kereta hahhaha Syahmi bwak awek separuh , Isk bawak awek separuh muahahahh pastu kiter pegi picnic.

Nanti buleh la kiter plan picnic gak kan . Tapi kena tunggu Yaya ngan Syasya besar dulu sket

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