Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy 1st Father Day ..

Though new at fatherhood, you're surely not
A novice at the art of giving love.
With quiet tact you find the perfect spot
Among the needs of those whose hearts you move.
I never feel you slight me, even though
At times your time for me of need is slight.
Though working long and hard, you seem to know
Just how to make our son feel loved each night.
These gifts you give I know cannot come easy,
Although they seem to flow so easily.
You have a lovely air that's light and breezy,
That says: I get from you more than you see.
And so I am in awe of what you do;
You love so well that I love you well, too.

Happy Father's Day Dear ...from Miera n Isk


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Moon! apa planning for father's day?

Miss Moon said...

Hi hi tak der apa apa planning lagi . Father day kita org pegi jejalan ke umah kenkawan . But i cook him his fav food..kenyang dia sampai tertido kekenyangan muahahahhaha

Hasanul Israf bin Mohamad Ibrahim said...

apsal takder org tak ucap father's day kat aku kat dalam blog nie ekk???...isk isk iskk....

Miss Moon said...

ok lah Papa Aleeya ..happy father's day kay

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