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Friday, July 09, 2010

review: 3 idiots

Salt water is a good conductor of electricity. Everyone’s read it, but Rancho (Aamir Khan) applied it on his ‘pissed-off’ senior to escape getting ragged on his very first day of the Imperial Engineering College. An Edison-in-the-making, he believes in striving for excellence rather than success, which, in fact, is the core message of the film.

But excellence can’t be had if you strive half-heartedly or fearfully or, worst, mechanically. Thereby come in three more characters - Farhan (Madhavan) who wants to be a wild life photographer but is doing engineering to fullfil his dad’s dream; Raju (Sharman Joshi), a poor lad who’s so afraid of failure that his fear has become a self-fulfilling prophecy; and Chatur (Omi) who’s a learning machine adept at mugging up books.

On top of them is the ever grimacing professor Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani), fondly called Virus, telling them that the world’s a rat race in which one has to step on another to get to the top. No wonder the ingenious Rancho is an oddball out in the herd. His questions perplex his professors. And his disdain for the education system that professes learning by rote makes him the arch foe of Virus. Sandwiched between the two foes is Virus’s doctor daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor) who falls for Rancho but has to face up to her eccentric pa at home.

Hirani and Joshi take this basic story, spin it on its head, and make it a tale of a quest of Farhan and Raju for their lost friend Rancho, who disappeared after topping the college. The writer duo packs in some fine humour and drama but overshoot the mark at some places. For instance, Chatur’s convocation speech in which the word ‘Chamatkar’ is replaced by ‘Balatkar’ is a gag stretched too long. And there’s too much butt baring and dropping of pants. And the screenplay too takes a circuitous route through a funeral and a wedding, both not essential to the plot.

Despite these foibles, ‘3 Idiots’ makes for an enjoyable watch, thanks to the bonhomie cracked up on screen by Aamir, Madhavan and Sharman. Aamir’s Rancho is a bouncy, fidgety genius with a golden heart. The 44-year-old actor almost passes off as a 22-year-old collegian, bringing out in his character the juvenile buoyancy and vivacity few actors of his age can. Madhavan and Sharman give ample support from the flanks, but a word of praise needs to be reserved for Sharman who shines equally in dramatic as well as funny scenes. Kareena, sadly, has been relegated to a corner but makes her presence felt in a few well-enacted sequences, but it’s Boman Irani who comes up with the best performance in the ensemble with his brilliant portrayal of an eccentric professor. His jawline protruded, his brows pursed, his gait ungainly, his speech lisped, Irani is every bit the vile and virulent Virus he’s supposed to be.

Shantanu Moitra’s music and Muralidharan’s cinematography complement the flick well. Rajkumar Hirani spins a yarn that despite a few botches has its heart in the right place. For this alone, ‘3 Idiots’ definitely ought to be seen and enjoyed.

review taken from HERE and u ols ley tgk sikit citer dia kat SINI

Moon nyer review :

Pak Sutan duk suh Moon tgk ...the last hindi movie yg ai tgk adalah My Name is khan kat sini . For me the movie sangat bagus ..n sangat berinfo ...tak der polis2 tak der antara 2 darjat ...busan ...n tak der la pompuan2 yg menari pakai baju tak cukup kain n tersembul sana sini kan akakakka
Pelakon dia Amir Khan n Kareena Kapoor . Citer nih mengisahkan cam na Amir khan nih ..sebagai Ranho cam na kehidupan dia segai student engineering . Cara dia belajar sangat berbeza ngan org lain . Dia slalu kata kiter dah terbiasa paksa diri kiter hafal kiter hafal jeee tanpa enjoy langsung at last kiter stress teramats .
Pengetua kolej engineering tew di panggil Virus. Virus nih sangat tegas n garang . Dia kata hidup adalah perlumbaan and dia slalu suh org belajar utk dpt great marks ...dia nih tak suka kat amir khan nih ....then sapa yg kawan ngan amir khan pun dia tak suka . Masa pendaftaran dia br ucapan kat student

Pengetua : Ini adalah pen angkasawan . Ia hebat sebab ley tulis dr pelbagai angle n dakwatnya bagus dpt dari pengetua ai dulu ...n dia kata kalau dalam tempoh khidmat u ...u ada jumpa student yg bagus ...u pass kan pen nih .....tahu kah anda NASA belanja berjuta2 duit utk pen nih

Amir : Ermmmm napa angkasawan tak pakai pensil je ...kang senang dah save banyak duit ..

pengetua : errrr errr ill get back to u then ..

ha kareena kapoor nih adalah anak pengetua tew . Pengetua dah tetapkan anak lelaki kena jadi engineer n anak pompuan kena jd doctor ...Amir khan juga selamat kan kareena dr kawen ngan lelaki yg sangat mata duitan . Lelaki nih bg dia semer mengenai duit n amount shoe is expensive harga 700 ....tak ley pakai jam murah nanti org nampak malu ...then jam nih mahal harga sekian2 ...apa yg dia ckp semer keluar number ...n harga brg ....then amir khan kata kat kareena kalau u kawen ngan mamat nih u merana ahahahhahahah
nih la kawan amir khan nih ....n banyak sangat adegan klaka n sedey ...sangat best kay ...n sangat make sense apa yg dia cakap kan tew ...sampai tak sedar la sejam lebih duk tgk sangat tak borink
miski pun dia paling banyak wat hal n paling sempoi ....last skalik dia dapat 1st sebab point dia yg paling tinggi ...semer terkejut beroks ....dia buktikan yg dia belajar n enjoy belajar dari menghafal je utk dapat markah tinggi .....

so kowang kena saksi kan cam na tetiba dia ilang kan diri selepas graduation
cam na hidup dia pas tuh
hidup kawan2 dia
then cam na pencabar terdekat dia akhirnya terkantoi besar ...
sangat best .....

ai mmg rekemen sangat citer nih moon nih citer yg cerdik n semer adalah factssssss . Ai bukan la peminat cerita hindi ...but ai pilih cerita yg best je utk di tgk ...sebab citer cina ke korea ke tamil ke thailand ke ...mana yg bagus den layansssssssssss
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