Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I blog about photography Pick Me

How to Enter?

FIRST: Create a new blog entry with title I Blog About Photography – Pick Me!

SECOND: Answer these simple questions (in English or Malay)

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When do you start blogging?
1st entry in blogspot were back in Feb 2006 . Its started with fotopages somewhere back in 2004 ...

Introduce yourself and your blog
Ermmm cam na nak kenal kan diri ek ...malu malu kucing pun ada . My name is Munirah but most of my friend called me Moon . Im a mother of 2 . A working mom and a part time photog . Im working in Cyberjaya n lived in Salak Tinggi .

Blog ai nih mostly pasal daily life la kan ...then about my kids . I suka amik gamba dia org nih and i love to share thise picture ngan org lain

Why do you blog about photography?
I love photography but rasanya nak gelarkan diri photographer pun cam segan . Walaupun dah 5 thn dalam bidang nih secara part time .

Ai suka amik gamba n suka tgk gamba . So ai slalu amik gamba anak anak ...asal nya suka suka tp lama lama kwn mintak tlg amik kan ...then kawan nih suh amik kan ...lama lama ramai plak hired Moon utk amikkan gamba . Moon suka kids ...mebi sebab im also a mother .

Moon bermula dengan kamera PnS aje memula ...time tew kodak je ahhahah . Then ansur2 upgrade ke prosumer that is my Lumix Fx7 then beransur ke D40 , D70s n D200 . I believe that kalau u ada minat ..pasti u pun vley berjaya ....anda boley .

I want all mother know how to snap beautiful pictures of their kids . Photography is simple n easy . Dont take it as if it is only made for men or people with lots of money or people who can afford to go to a proper photography class . All u need to know is a very simple basic ...master all those basic then u can be a very gud photographer for your own kids n family .

sometimes Moon pun ada share sket2 on how to snap pic ...simple2 editing ...my advice kenali kamera anda ...fahami setting nya ...tahu bila nak pakai A S M P semer tew ...then bila dah pandai master kan plak skill dari segi composition nye ....jika anda mahir editing than itew adalah 1 bonus .

Do you make money with your photography blog?
Yup ...i never do any marketing in promoting cyberphotog ...asalnya its started as a hobby ...then lama lama just from the power from mouth to mouth people start to know me . Its started with friends then friends to friend LOL ...and I only doin it part time on Sunday n Saturday .

Sometimes when i explain about camera or anything , people will YM me ....asking about what is the best camera ...how to snap beutiful pic ....how to buy a lense and many more . Im happy to share it with other people . Kadang kiter pompuan kan ...segan nak tanya big big photog yg mostly are men kan ...so ai rasa kalau ada pompuan yg ley explain kan misti kiter rasa lg selesa kan .

So now Moon rasa sangat happy sebab Moon dpt generate income from my hobby

Why should we pick your photography blog?
hahahhah sebab Moon nampak Linda pun ada buat hahhahahahha ...Linda sorry ai tiru u akakkakaka . .

Its gud to see that sekarang dah ramai photog pompuan and ramai mothers skrg dah tahu amik gamba anak anak dia org since kiter sebagai mak ...kiter paling close ngan anak kiter kadang dia buat benda baru kiter nampak dulu ....so ai rasa sgt penting kalau kiter dapat captured those special moment .

Misti anda terpikir ...kalau cam tew ...kalau semer dah pandai amik gamba habih tew profesional photog tak ley carik makan la kan ...nope jgn pk begitu . Ai memula pun pikir begitu when SN approach me to join photomama ...then dia bg tau " Even a barber need another barber to cut his hair " and it is so true kan ...even ai pun still perlukan photog lain to capture gamba family ai kan ..

Moon rasa sangat berbangga sebab dapat duk sebaris ngan photog2 yg hebat .

Cara ai sgt simple ...ai tak der amik gamba susah2 n tak der la explain yg susah2 ...ai nak org rasa amik gamba nih sonok ...and bila tgk gamba anak anak kiter lawa ...kiter rasa sonok . Kepuasan dalam diri tew .....

"I have been passionate about photography . I just use pns camera then i slowly upgrade to prosumer camera then DSLR . Starting from just for fun and for personal pictures only , I end up making it as my part time job until now and im sharing the same passion together with my husband n friends in Cyberphotog. I love to take portrait picture especially kids portrait . I spend most of my time capturing my kids picture too and it makes me so proud because I can captured all those special moment myself .It makes me feel so good . I want all the momma out there to feel the same way that I feel . The satisfaction is indescribable and this passion driven me crazy until I have a huge collection of my son and daughter pictures from their very first day. I’m not so much into making this as profession, but it’s a pleasure for every mothers to see their kids growing. It happen very fast before we realize that we missed many moments. Hence, ThePhotoMama is a great platform for that." - Moon

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happy2gether said...

Moon...I support you...go go CyberMoon...mmmuahhhhh....

Linda Latip said...

ehe go go Moon! ♥

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