Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Come n join

Calling all Mummy , Mama , Ibu , Ummi , Mak , Bonda ....mari mari .

Wanna become a Photomummy , Photomama , Photoibu , Photoummi , Photobonda ?

yes u can . Come n join the only one community in Malaysia , where all mother can take beutiful pic of their baby n kids n family too ...WHAT ? boley ke ? Jawapan nya BOLEH

Challenge urself this community there will be otai2/ expert that can guide u

Kenapa tunggu lagi ..come n join us . Launch 1st Jan 2009

come my fellow momma..lets get laudddddddddd

Saiful Nang wrote :

No one can afford to hire a professional photographer everyday. So what most of the moms do is taking the photo by themselves. Most of them have camera, some good and some just nice one. But most of them doesn't really know how to utilize whatever camera they have in hand. Some keep on changing their camera and still frustrated with the result they got from the camera.

It's not the camera, but the eyes, the idea and a little technical knowledge about your camera. It's pretty simple. By average, mothers in Malaysia hiring a professional photographer once in 5 years. Well, that still a bad percentage. But in KL, the ratio become higher jsut because of the awareness. It doesn't mean once u know about taking good picture of your baby, you can escape from hiring a Professional. A good barber still need another barber to cut his hair right? But, as a mother, you should know how to photograph your children well. If u only hire a professional 1 day out of 1 year. That's mean, you have to shoot your children development on your own for the remaining days.

That's why, Photomama gather enthusiast moms in photography. So, we can share and develop our skill and photograph our children professionally.

Join the FORUM here . official opening ceremony is tomorrow


nydia-mama akif said...

wan]h..sounds interesting..camne tu ek?

Mummy said...

wah nak join cam ner cam best je tuk yg keras tgn cam saya :D

iswatie "colours of life" said...

nakkkkkkkkkkkkk...cancel semua xtvt esok coz mummy nak jadi mummyrazi...

Azie N Arif said...

boleh tak aku tak join bwk camera....sbb camera mekah aku amat memalukan...rasa nak kuarkan pun segan giler ...aku jd model sudah lah ye..pastu aku tukang cilok gambo...hahaha amacam?

Miss Moon said...

for those yg berminat ..i will let u know on friday ..insyaallah .

on 1st jan anda pun ley layari

tak kesah kamera apa pun anda pakai ..dengan teknik n cara yg betul anda pun ley menghasilkan gambar yg cantik utk anak anak anda . lagi pun gambar tew kan nak simpna lama kan ..alang2 biar yg elok .

anda tak perlu ada kamera SLR utk join digital biasa pun boley handphone skrg pun dah canggih ...

SN said...

Moon, now dah officially open. Link yg moon bagi tu pintu belakang punya link. Now dah boleh click then click the forum ;) tq tq tq all mommies

Mama_anggun said...

nak join...nak join..saya member baru kat sini...

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